We have a lot of experience in designing, building and installing distillation systems that separate water from solvent and solvents from each other. These can be continuous or batch processes, as well as vacuum, atmospheric or pressured, azeotropic or extractive distillation depending on the solvents and purities required.

These systems are suitable to:

  • Separate solvent mixtures into individual solvents in chemical, pharmaceutical and other specific industries to make them suitable for recycle and reuse
  • Purification of virgin solvent contaminated during transport or storage
  • Remove solvent contaminants from wastewater to make the water suitable for disposal, saving hazardous waste disposal costs or surcharge costs.

Design features and performance advantages:

  • Designs are based on long-term experience and expertise and on our specific know how in azeotropic and Extractive distillation
  • Distillation column internals (Structured packing) are optimised for the specific application
  • Heat recovery to minimise operating costs
  • Pre-assembly on skids to minimise installation time and cost

Our typical applications are:

  • Purification of organic solvents with purity from 95% to 99.9%
  • Purification of alcohols (methanol, ethanol, buthanol)
  • Butyl Acetate and Ethyl Acetate, Acetone purification
  • Metylen Chloride purification
  • THF purification
  • Acetonitrile purification
  • Hexane and Heptane purification
  • Dearomatization of aliphatic solvents
  • Many other

Markets served

  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical
  • Solvent Recycling Industry
  • Paint Industry
  • Petrochemicals
  • And many others.