RE-ON Srl specializes in the design and manufacturing of modular evaporation and distillation systems for the recycling, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical process industry.

Our highly qualified team with many decades of experience in recovery, rectification and purification of organic solvents, in chemical processes, safety, energy and environmental technologies forms a unique blend of expertise and know-how that together can improve the efficiency of your process plants, improve the quality of your products and reduce energy costs and ensure the safety and an environmental protection.

Our team has many years of experience

RE-ON was founded by graduated chemical engineers and technicians with many decades of experience in designing, manufacturing and managing complete plants, and in the construction of special equipments used in the chemical and recycling industry.

Our team has many years of experience in process engineering of chemical plants, specific expertise in complex separation processes and equipment design, including all types of distillation, liquid extraction, solvent recovery and treatment Hazardous chemical waste, and in the management of hazardous waste chemical treatment companies.