RE-ON Energy

The Conventional Energy Generation system by steam turbine is a convenient and easier technology to produce electrical energy at very low cost.
Despite the introduction of many alternative technologies in the past 100 years, over 80 percent of the world’s electricity is still generated with steam turbines.

The non-condensing turbines (back pressure turbines) don’t condensate the steam and instead uses it, outgoing from the turbine, to heat the process plants, combining heat and power (cogeneration and threegeneration).

Back pressure steam turbine systems use reliable technology
with a long and successful history.

Back Pressure steam Turbine

Back pressure steam turbine systems use reliable technology, with a long and successful history.
The economic performance is well proven in situations where there is demand for both electricity and large quantities of steam for the process plants.

The operational lifetime of steam turbines often exceeds 40 years. Maintenance is minimal, so costs are very low.

We can supply a turnkey plant complete of fire-high pressure steam generator (up to 65 bar), superheater (up to 450 °C), back-pressure steam turbine with electrical generator (up to 5 MW).

Our plants do not need licensed high pressure boiler operators.